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Characters / Rakenzarn Tales

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Reader, beware! For this game has Loads and Loads of Characters!

Due to its length, the page has been split.

Also, be warned against unmarked Spoilers.


The Nutsy Guild

The guild the heroes belong to. It serves as their home base and almost all of the first party members are recruited from there.

Negi's students.

Negi's students, who are looking for him all across Rakenzarn. Only the girls who do not become Party Members or Support Characters are listed below.

The elves.

Exactly What It Says on the Tin. They live in the Da'Fur region.

  • Tropes that apply to the elves in general.
    • Fantastic Racism: Most of them are wary of humans at best and downright hostile at worst. Justified, since an elven village was slaughtered by humans a few years before the events of the game. They get better after Kyuu's brigade saves them from Bowser's attack in Chapter 6 and they ally themselves with Kyuu against the Saint Lords.
    • Hidden Elf Village: They live in one.
    • Neutral No Longer: Bowser is tasked to attack them in order to prevent this trope from happening. Ironically, the assault has the exact opposite outcome. The elves are saved from destruction by the intervention of Kyuu's brigade. Then, because of this attack, they decide to stop isolating themselves and to help the Nutsy Guild in their battle against the Saint Lords.

  • Arafin, the Elven Elder (OC)
    • Distressed Dude: Combined with Hostage for MacGuffin. In the end of Chapter 7, he's kidnapped by Bowser and held hostage in exchange for the three relics that can reveal the Lost Tower. The heroes spend the beginning of Chapter 8 trying to rescue him.
    • Parental Substitute: Not as much as Alleyne, but he seems to be a second one for Nowa.
    • Reasonable Authority Figure: For the elves. He's the first to realize that, with the threat of the Saint Lords, they can't continue to fear/hate the humans and isolate themselves from the world. He also immediately understands that Kyuu and his brigade are friends.
  • Alleyne

Unaffiliated Allies

Other characters who help Kyuu, but (for the moment) probably won't be playable.

The Silver Crusade Guild

A rival guild. However, circumstances will lead some of its members to work with Kyuu's brigade against bigger threats.

The Striking Star Guild

Cain Argol's guild. Well-known for their knowledge of monsters.


    The Knights and The Order 

The Knights

Rakenzarn's army and police force. They're trying their best to stop the plagues and to protect the citizens. However, they mostly work in parallel with Kyuu as opposed to by his side and some of their members are closer to Lawful Neutral than Lawful Good.

The Order

Rakenzarn's government.

  • Tropes that apply to the Order in general.

     Makai Coliseum 
Home to warriors all over Rakenzarn, the Coliseum offers up a lot cameos for the player to experience.

Nimrod Palace:

Valus Palace


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