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Characters / Jim Robbie And The Wanderers

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     The Narrator 
- "Ladies, Gentlemen, and those of Unspecified Gender! Welcome to Jim Robbie and the Wanderers!"
Voiced by: Gavin Waters

     Jim Robbie 
- "What happened? Something horrible, I hope."
Voiced by: Aleksander Wilde & Nazeeh Tarsha

  • Talking Appliance Sidekick: Jim Robbie is made from various household items with a radio pledged to the top.
  • Love Imbues Life: A possible explanation for how Jim was originally created by Tango though this has not been confirmed within the series itself.

- "No, lost is knowing where you want to go and not being able to find it. Wherever we get to is where we’re going."
Voiced by: Ileana Sheremet

  • Girly Bruiser: Tango loves dresses and pretty patterns but Tango can also bench press a small car and tear steel doors from their hinges on a whim.
  • Genki Girl: Tango loves life and loves people. Tango also loves running and having adventures even if her friends wish she would calm down sometimes.

- "Not me. I’ve got a destiny, but it’s going to be a grand one and I just know that you’re going to be the one that get me there, somehow."
Voiced by: Jake Song

- "And then I found out the truth -that I don’t have to just be stuck as a part of a whole. I am whole. I found out that I was a great musician, that I really like magic tricks and cheese and honey! But the tide’s pulling me back in, and I’m afraid that I won’t fit into that grand machine anymore."
Voiced by: Mako Horikoshi

- "“The people who stay around for a while, those are the best because you get to be with them when they experience all these new things and if they leave you know, you really know that being with them has made all of those things special."
Voiced by: Zoe Von Embler

  • Mysterious Stranger: Despite being a seemingly friendly individual Frey's past, motivations, and intentions towards the rest of the Wanderers has yet to be revealed. If she is a friend or a foe remains to be seen.
  • The Drifter: Frey has indicated that she was something of a drifter before joining the Wanderers mentioning several instances she has been involved in adventures in other towns.

     The Wanderleaks 


     Official Jim Robbie 


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