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"Concept: The fire in my belly sneaks past my teeth and drips down my chin. I get rid of the warmth harmless piece by harmless piece until nothing but clear water flows. The smoke no longer clogs up my throat.I breathe in."

As the official summary says, it's "A compilation of poems and short stories on love, violence, and that wild part in each of us." as if it was "suggested" by some chaotic... wild... thing. They mostly focus on expressing raw unfiltered human emotions, though some might just qualify to surreal horror.


The original blog can be found here, but the whole thing has been published under the same name.

This show provides examples of:

  • Asexuality: That, and aromanticism. There are a few suggestions focus on a narrator who is unable to love romantically. Another suggestion has the narrator proclaim their support to aces and aros in a fancier way.
  • Author Appeal: A lot of the suggestions focus on teeth and fire, or more widely on monsters, things the author openly admits to be fond of.
  • Body Horror: Many, many examples. One narrator in particular seems to have a snake living in their throat, but narrators with teeth or claws at least are commonplace.
  • Incompatible Orientation: An interesting example in that in those, the narrator is the one lamenting over the fact that they can't fall in love with their friend. See "Asexuality" above.
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  • Kill the God: "Kill the god! Kill the god! Eat his liver take his place."
  • Platonic Life-Partners: "I do not know love, but I know your fur and your voice and wishing they will still be part of my life tomorrow."
  • Rule of Three
  • Shapeshifting: Quite a few, but the narrator of the "concept" series very well qualifies.
  • Title Drop: close enough. One narrator refers to themself as "chaotic, beastly me."


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