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Considering that Two Steps from Hell specialize in epic music for movies and trailers, there is a lot of awesomeness to be had.

  • "Strength of a Thousand Men" starts off as epic battle music, then the vocalization kicks in... To quote Eiichiro Oda:
    Through action, a man becomes a hero
    Through death, a hero becomes a legend
    Through time, a legend becomes a myth
    And by learning from the myth, a man takes action
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  • "Protectors of the Earth". Makes. Everything. Epic. Even My Little Pony.
  • "Victory" from Battlecry starts off quiet and slow, but then has an epic buildup that is enhanced by some female vocals.
  • "United We Stand - Divided We Fall" is the most viewed track on Youtube with 6 million views, and it's not hard to see why. The epic build-up, the vocals, the choir - it's basically a battle happening in your ears.
  • From one of Thomas Bergersen's solo albums, we have "Fearless" is quite possibly the most epic heroic battle theme ever composed.
  • The Christmas Medley is truly epic to behold, and is basically an extremely epic remix of tons of different classic Christmas songs, opera style. Sure to warm your heart.
  • "Archangel" starts with an epic theme. Then turns it into a crescendo. Then turns the crescendo to eleven. Then it turns it to eleven again. Then is when the chorus starts. The whole piece is a textbook example of how to keep you feeling at the edge of a big finale for the full length of the song. Makes you want to beat up some demons.
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  • "Evergreen" truly gets across the sense of an ancient and powerful forest kingdom, hidden from the world.
  • "Blackheart" is epic, yes, but also, in a way, somber.
  • "For the Win" builds up to distilled epicness in a fresh, action-packed tune.
  • "Compass" brings to mind the breathtaking vistas of mountainous Norway, underscored with lyrics about following the ambitions of your heart and ignoring those who say you can't make it.
  • "Heart of Courage" is more or less Exactly What It Says on the Tin, and this outfit's Signature Song for a reason. It is fearless, poignant, soaring, and absolutely iconic.
  • "None Shall Live" from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition trailer, the trailer for Aquaman (2018) and two heroic scenes in Trollhunters. Apparently, it was so epic that it was extended and given lyrics! Behold, "Children of the Sun!"

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