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Awesome Music / Elementary

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  • The title theme has an extended version that runs over six minutes and is made of win.
  • Elvis Costello's "Watching the Detectives" in the end of "Pilot".
  • Gil Scott Heron's "Me and the Devil" in the montage at the end of "M.", with Sherlock writing Moriarty's name on his wall.
  • Junip's "Line of Fire" at the end of "Déjà Vu All Over Again", when Watson changes her job description to "consultant detective" and smiles.
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  • Oasis' "Hello" in the montage of Sherlock and Watson arriving in London in "Step Nine".
  • Tom Odell's "Heal" at the end of "An Unnatural Arrangement", showing Gregson and Cheryl making amends while Watson opens Sherlock's cold cases chest while he's observing her from a distance.
  • In "The Diabolical Kind", Radical Face's "The Crooked Kind" plays over the final scene, acting as a beautiful soundtrack as Sherlock finally comes to terms with the spectre of Irene and Moriarty.


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