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Joan: How do you do it?
Holmes: Do what?
Joan:' Guess things.
Holmes: I don't "guess", I observe. And once I observe, I deduce.

"Couching it as a scientific observation totally negates the misogyny."
Joan Watson to Sherlock about his "menstrual jokes".

"I'm gonna do you the favor of believing you're just an idiot."
Joan Watson

"The human face, Watson, is like the penis. Or so said the great personality theorist Silvan Tomkins. The point being: the face, like the male member, has a mind of its own; it betrays us on an almost daily basis; advertises our secrets to those who know what to look for."
Sherlock Holmes

"Opinions are like ani, Watson. Everyone has one."
Sherlock Holmes

"As if men had a monopoly on murder."
Jamie Moriarty

"You know, decorum forbids me from showing my emotions during an interview such as this one, but I assure you, on the inside, I am doubled over with laughter."
Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock: [Another AA attendee thinks] that the things I have said can be applied to others' quest for sobriety. I support the premise, but not the practice.
Kitty: You are very quotable, you know.
Sherlock: "The facility for quotation covers an absence of original thought."note 
Kitty: You just did it again.
"End of Watch"


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