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Awesome moments in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forever:

  • Mirage Knight vs. Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon. Both times.
  • Chapter 315: Yugo destroys all three of the Sacred Beasts during his opponent's turn, in the middle of his opponent's attack, using one Magic/Spell card, one Trap card, and two Monster cards (sacrificing one to summon the other).
  • Seta wants to quit the World Championships due to feeling responsible for the Zodiacs infiltrating the Dueltropolis tournament and endangering thousands of lives in the process, and makes a speech to that effect. In response, Yugo snatches the microphone and delivers his own counter-speech.
    Yugo: There’s no way the Seta we know would willingly endanger the lives of his friends, family, or fans! Ophiuchus tried to interrupt the duel that was scheduled between me and Seta—-but now he’s out of the way, for good! And you all came here to see me and Seta duke it out—-but if Seta quits now, what’ll that mean? Won’t it mean you all came here for nothing?...Ophiuchus is gone, as I said—-and now, Seta’s here! Seta Kaiba, the World Champion, and my true opponent! This tournament needs him here—-will it be able to survive if he just leaves now? If you want to see the match-up you all came here to see, then shout it out loud with me! Shout for the Champion—-help me call forth his fighting spirit once again! SE-TA! SE-TA! SE-TA! SE-TA! (cue individual characters, and then the WHOLE STADIUM, joining in)
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  • Kaiba’s single-handed infiltration of Tokyo Dome to rescue his son, using his briefcase, business cards, a chair at one point, and some kung-fu skills to beat down several armed guards and make it into the control room. He’s eventually caught and outnumbered by a whole battalion of them, but not before erasing the Zodiacs’ uploaded virus from the Dome’s databanks.
  • The entire battle between the evenly-matched Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon and Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon on board the liner bound for Tokyo Dome. The duel begins with both dragons being summoned at the end of Chapter 281 and continues right into Chapter 282.
  • Luke gets a moment during his Dueltropolis match-up with Zander, where his Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter beats Zander’s Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder. To put this one into proper perspective: Chu-Ske is a Level 3 Normal Monster card with 1200 ATK points, and the monster itself is a human-sized mouse Expy of Bruce Lee. Hamon is a Level 10 monster with 4000 ATK and 4000 DEF, it’s an Effect Monster card whose effect deals severe lightning damage to the opponent every time it destroys a monster in battle, and the monster itself is a skeletal winged creature the size of a skyscraper. Luke activates the effect of a Magic card, Kaminote Blow, which can only be used with Chu-Ske and two other monsters in Luke’s arsenal and which destroys the opponent’s monster after damage calculation in one battle that turn. What happens next? Chu-Ske jumps skyward and PUNCHES A FRIKKIN’ HOLE THROUGH HAMON’S SKULL even as the lightning counter-attack disintegrates the lower half of his body.
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  • Regina Brissett hurls Miki through a wall during their duel. Miki's response? She hurls a brick into Regina's face. Cue Regina's appropriate frightened expression.
  • "You might have more guns, but mine is bigger!"

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