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  • Seven's transformation sequences, especially the full-length version (as in Episode 4).
    • When Alien Bell incapacitated Dan with its signature sound, Dan just waved his arms in front of his chest and transformed without the benefit of the Ultra Eye.
  • The Ultra Garrison's Big Damn Heroes moment in Episode 40 when they used the Magma Raider to rescue Seven.
  • Seven's attack in Episode 22, with the Ultra Garrison's help.
  • In the "Westward, Ultra Garrison" two parter the first half ends with a cliff hanger...Ultraseven on the ropes against the Pedan's combining robot, King Joe! That's one for the antagonist but another awesome moment is when the Ultra Garrison returns the favor with Ultraseven giving help.
  • Several fights:
    • Episodes 4 against Alien Godola
    • Episode 5 against Alien Vira
    • Episode 8 against Alien Metron. This particular fight is so famous that it's a Signature Scene for the whole series.
    • Episode 10 against Alien Icarus
    • Episode 17 against Alien Bado
    • Episode 39 against the Guts Aliens (He lost!). Seven got his revenge in Episode 40.
    • Episode 48 against Pandon. Seven won
    • Episode 49 against a patched up Pandon.
  • Dan's farewell to Anne.
  • The whole battle against King Joe is freakin' amazing. Here we have a near-indestructible robot coming very close to punching out Seven, and yet Seven steal smacks bolts out of it.

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