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Awesome / The Ten Commandments

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  • The iconic scene where God delivers The Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai.
    • Later on, Moses' awe-inspiring threat:
      Moses: Those who will not live by the law...shall DIE by the law!
  • Charlton Heston shows us just how much of a badass Moses probably was in his time.
    • When Rameses wants the Ethiopians to bow before Pharaoh Sethi, Moses puts him in his place.
      "Command what you have conquered, my brother."
    • Even before becoming the prophet and savior of the Hebrews, Moses pwns Rameses with plain logic and reason as to why he gave the grain belonging to the temple and one day's rest to the slaves:
      Seti: You raided the temple granaries?
      Moses: Yes. (Rameses adds a weight to the scale on "his" side)
      Seti: You gave the grain to the slaves?
      Moses: Yes. (Rameses adds another weight)
      Rameses: You gave them one day in seven to rest.
      Moses: Yes. (Rameses adds another weight, making it seem impossible that Moses can win)
      Seti: Did you do all this to gain their favor?
      Moses: A city is built of brick, Pharaoh. The strong make many. The starving make few. (drops a brick on his side of the scale, tipping it in HIS favor) The dead make none. So much for accusations.
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    • Seti's way of ending the argument over whether Moses or Rameses will succed him:
      Seti: The man best able to rule Egypt will follow me. I owe that to my fathers, not to my sons.
  • The bit where Moses saves Jethro's daughters from marauders, showing just how skilled he is as a warrior.
  • The parting of the Red Sea, so beautiful that it still stuns audiences today, is the scene people think of when they read of the event in the Bible and is a masterpiece of special effects.
  • Nefretiri gets a minor one on Ramses. With a kiss, no less, she did it to show how much she loves Moses and hates Ramses in an impressive Take That!.
    Nefretiri: Did you think my kiss was a promise of what you will have? (laughs) No, my pompous one. It was to let you know what you will not have. I could never love you.
  • Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt, the music is an epic trumpet piece throughout the entire scene as it starts with this lone man leading such a large crowd of people, the various views of different people in states of happiness in leaving and ending with a long distance shot of the literal thousands of people leaving their bondage once and for all.
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  • "His god... is God."
  • Nefertiri has a tendency to be a full-blown bitch in this movie, which allows us to give a nod to Ramses; when he prepares to go hunt down Moses and the others, she, who had been rejected by Moses earlier, has the audacity to order Ramses to come back with his sword "stained with his blood!" Ramses gives her a Death Glare and shuts her up with this gem of a comeback; "I will... to mingle with your own."
  • She gives it right back to him when he returns. As he prepares to strike, she coolly and calmly asks to see the "blood on his sword", then disgustedly notes, "You couldn't even kill him."

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