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Awesome / The Sevenwaters Trilogy

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Daughter of the Forest

  • Sorcha's task in Daughter of the Forest. For three years she remains silent and continues to damage her hands through her sewing the starwort shirts, and never gives up even when she is faced with the possibility of being burnt at the stake.

Son of the Shadows

  • Liadan fights her way out of Sidhe Dubh with Gull and Bran with her baby son on her back. Unsurprisingly, she is treated like a goddess later on in the series by the people of Inis Eala.
    • Gull carries Bran across the Marshes despite having had some of his fingers on both hands cut off during torture hours earlier, because of what Bran had done for Gull a long time ago. He never gives up or lets Bran go, even when Liadan loses hope.

Child of the Prophecy

  • The finał battle for the Islands is pretty awesome, with Johnny and the Briton's fight and Oonagh's appearance.

Heir to Sevenwaters

  • In Heir to Sevenwaters, Cathal fulfilling the finał verses of the geis in the Otherworld, allowing him and Clodagh to leave.

Seer of Sevewaters

  • The rescue mission in Seer of Sevenwaters.

Flame of Sevenwaters

  • Cathal and Ciaran's arrival in the Otherworld at the climax of Flame of Sevenwaters, and Ciaran's decision to become the next Prince of the Otherworld instead of Cathal. This also triples as a tearjerker/heartwarming/awesome moment.


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