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Nightmare Fuel / The Sevenwaters Trilogy

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Daughter of the Forest

  • Because of her telepathic bond with Finbar, Sorcha has to watch through his eyes as Oonagh turns her brothers into swans.
  • In Daughter of the Forest Conor suggests to Finbar that Oonagh is playing with his mind when he transforms into a swan, giving him false visions to agitate him.
  • Sorcha's rape, and the fact that Conor witnessed it all (because he retains human consciousness as a swan) and was unable to do anything until the sun went down.
    • It is also implied that Conor witnessed or just felt Sorcha's emotions when she was imprisoned and awaiting trial for witchcraft. It's no wonder he almost loses it and snaps at Red about how he should have protected Sorcha better.

Son of the Shadows

  • Fionn's treatment of Niamh is pretty horrific. He rapes her, abuses her and makes her believe that it is all her fault. When Liadan finds out about it she states that she'd kill Fionn herself for doing that to her sister.
  • Eamonn's sadistic torture of Gull and Bran in Son of the Shadows. The man cut Gull's fingers off one by one and locked Bran beneath a trapdoor just because it caused Bran psychological and emotional pain.
    • When Liadan comes to rescue Bran and Gull, Eamonn forces them to escape Sidhe Dubh through the treacherous marshes, giving them until nightfall before he and his men start shooting arrows at them. Eamonn's men even make it clear that they would care for Liadan's baby Johnny after they killed Liadan, Bran and Gull.
  • If I Can't Have You...: Eamonn pulls this when he captures Bran and Gull.

Child of the Prophecy

  • Oonagh's threat to Fainne in Child of the Prophecy to make her go to Sevenwaters and aid Oonagh in thwarting the prophecy. Oonagh shows Fainne a horrific vision of Ciaran sick and vomiting up blood, and tells Fainne that her father will die if she defies her. This is enough to make Fainne go to Sevenwaters. It's unsure whether Lady Oonagh actually did curse Ciaran or whether it was just a trick she used to make Fainne do what she wanted her to do, but the idea that she would willingly do that to her own son is enough to make anyone scream.
    • There is also the fact that Ciaran let Fainne be manipulated by his mother and never once interfered, just so the prophecy would work out the way it did.

Heir to Sevenwaters

  • In Heir to Sevenwaters, Clodagh is almost raped by Mac Dara while trying to get both herself and Cathal out of the Otherworld. Luckily just in time Cathal arrives like a Big Damn Hero to save the day by completing the final verses of the prophecy/curse.

Seer of Sevenwaters

  • In Seer of Sevenwaters, what Knut does to Svala is quite disturbing (he literally abducts her from her home and rapes her repeatedly while deceiving the people of Inis Eala into believing that she is his wife), as is what she does to him at the end of the novel ( she swallows him whole when she returns to her usual Selkie form), although he did deserve it.


  • The Lady Oonagh's cold-blooded murder of Niamh, Sorcha's daughter and Ciaran's sweetheart.
  • The curse cast on Sorcha's brothers in Daughter of the Forest as a whole, changing them into swans except on midsummer and midwinter day.
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  • Conri's curse. His own mother turned him into a raven just because he helped Colum return Ciaran to Sevenwaters.
  • Ciaran's life before being rescued by Lord Colum and taken to the nemetons. Oonagh abused him both physically and emotionally, punishing him similarly to his she kept punishing Fainne during her stay in Kerry in Child of the Prophecy.

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