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Tear Jerker / The Sevenwaters Trilogy

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This series has a lot of these. Be warned— the entries below contain both marked and unmarked spoilers.

Daughter of the Forest

  • The scene where Oonagh curses the brothers is pretty emotional, with Sorcha forced to watch everything through Finbar's eyes.
  • Sorcha's rape and Linn's death.
    • Her brothers' reactions to it are also pretty heart-wrenching.
  • The end of the fifth chapter, as the brothers return to their swan form after spending a single night as humans. As they change Sorcha weeps and runs back to her cave, unable to watch. Conor's parting words to her add to the heart-break and emotion:
    "Go back inside now, little owl," Conor said, and his voice came to me as if down a long, narrow tunnel.'''
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  • Practically all the scenes in Daughter of the Forest where Sorcha is reunited with her brothers at Midsummer and Midwinter.
  • Most of the scenes where Sorcha is thinking of her brothers and the curse.

Son of the Shadows

  • Sorcha's death is one of the most tear-jerking moments in the entire novel.
    • Red's last story to the dying Sorcha.

Child of the Prophecy

  • Finbar's sacrifice in Child of the Prophecy.
    • Eamonn's sacrifice is also tear jerking.

Heir to Sevenwaters

  • When Clodagh is forced to leave Cathal behind in the Otherworld because of the geis. She's shaking and sobbing and it's clear that it kills her to do it, but she does it, because she has no other other choice about it.
    • Cathal in this entire scene is almost heartbreaking to watch. Usually, he's so stoic, so seeing him so vulnerable is hard to see. At one point tears can be seen on his cheeks, especially as he bids Clodagh farewell. He's clearly terrified.

Seer of Sevenwaters

Flame of Sevenwaters

  • Ciaran's sacrifice in Flame of Sevenwaters. and the fact that he'll never be able to leave the Otherworld ever again.
  • The final page of Flame, where Ciaran is reflecting on the course of his life and his new purpose in the Otherworld.


  • The star crossed lovers that come up throughout the series. Most notably Liam and Eilis in Daughter of the Forest, and Ciaran and Niamh in Son of the Shadows.

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