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Tear Jerker / Shades of Magic

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A Darker Shade of Magic

  • Astrid taking over Rhy's body, and making him stab himself, fatally wounding the prince. Out of desperation to save his brother, Kell binds their souls and lives together forever.
A Gathering of Shadows
  • Kell's bitterness towards the King and Queen. Despite the fact that he had saved Rhy's life, they keep their distance from him since the "Black Night" and force him to not leave without their say so.
  • As he goes to deliver the King of Grey London his letter, Kell receives a note that simply reads, "The King is dead". Kell has lost one of the few people he considers a friend, and he wasn't even there to witness his final passing.
    • He leaves a warm coin on his gravestone telling him, "This one's fresh, Your Majesty."
  • Kell rushing over to Lila after her match, fearing that she overused her magic as blood streamed down her face.
A Conjuring of Light
  • This entire book is built up of nothing but tearjerkers, where everyone in Red London is being pillaged by Osaron.
  • Alucard staying by Rhy's bedside, holding the prince's hand and hoping that he stays. The moment Rhy's hand falls lifelessly onto his bed, Alucard and the queen are wracked with despair.
  • Alucard leaving the castle to try and save his crew and family, and fails.
    • He nearly falls to Osaron's curse until Rhy finds him, holds him close and begs him to stay with him.
  • Rhy lamenting the fact that he will never die because of how he's bound to Kell.
  • As Osaron ransacks the kingdom, Lila goes to find Calla. When it looks like she finally stumbled upon her friend, Lila touches her and screams in agony as Calla's body breaks down into ash and floats away into.
  • Rhy attempts to protect his mother from Cola, but after the sword impales him, he kills him and turns around to see his mother still got stabbed through him.
    • The king breaking down after finding his wife dead.
  • Rhy begging his father to not leave the palace.
  • As Rhy goes to Cora's chamber to execute her, he finds her dead in her cell, arms and wrists slit with blood writing on the wall that in her language read "Honor".
    • The main reason she even attempted to usurp the kingdom? She was the sixth child out of seven, she has very little claim or power to her own name out of her other siblings.
  • Holland goes home to die, and breathes his last in the Silver Wood, the place he first met his best friend.

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