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Heartwarming / The Sevenwaters Trilogy

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Daughter of the Forest

  • Padriac's steadfast faith in Sorcha throughout Daughter of the Forest. After Sorcha's rape, her brothers ask Sorcha to choose whether to continue her task or not. This is Padriac's response:
    Sorcha will choose for all of us. What more is there to add?

Son of the Shadows

  • Liadan's words to Bran after Bran wonders at her willingness to leave Sevenwaters to go to Britain with him and be separated from her family:
    Bran: You would do this? You would come with me, all the way to Britain? Live among foreigners, away from your family?
    Liadan: I would not be away from my family, Bran. Wherever the three of us travel, that is home.

Child of the Prophecy

Heir to Sevenwaters

Seer of Sevenwaters

Flame of Sevenwaters

  • In Flame of Sevenwaters, Ciaran chooses to stay in the Otherworld in place of Cathal so that Cathal can be with Clodagh, as Ciaran never got to be with Niamh.


  • Sorcha's relationship with her brothers.
  • Conor's pet name for Sorcha, 'Little Owl'.
    • This doubles as a tearjerker in certain moments in Daughter of the Forest and during Sorcha's funeral in Son of the Shadows.
  • The relationship each female protagonist has with their sweetheart. Red and Sorcha's relationship is especially heart-warming, especially in Son of the Shadows.

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