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Awesome / The People Under the Stairs

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  • Half of what Fool does could count. He responds to most of things trying to kill him by goddamn punching them. A dog twice his size trying to eat him? Punch it in the nose. Large man in a gimpsuit with a shotgun put him in a corner? Punch him in the balls.
  • Fool yells, "Your mama sleeps with cats," to lure Prince away from Luther. Later he touches an electrified doorknob so the current will go through his body and zap Prince.
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  • Roach shoots Daddy with a slingshot and then tricks Prince into falling through a trap door.
  • Roach scares the People Under the Stairs away from Fool by lifting up Leroy's corpse and making moaning sounds.
  • Alice grabs Daddy's gun and jerks it into the air when he shoots at Fool.
  • While hiding in a space above the oven, Alice grabs a shoe she'd dropped less than three feet from Mommy's head without being detected.
  • The People Under the Stairs shine flashlights in Daddy's face to keep him from shooting Fool. Then they pretend to hold Fool still for him to shoot, only to yank Fool down so instead, Daddy shoots out the lock holding them prisoner.
  • Alice drops onto Mommy from the ceiling and slams her head against the ground.
  • The People Under the Stars burst through the stairs (and then the walls and the cabinets) to save Alice and attack Mommy.
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  • Towards the end of the movie, Fool's sister and grandfather get the entire neighborhood to gather on Mommy and Daddy's doorstep to call them out on the whole kidnapping their children scheme. When Mommy decides to just shoot as many of the "n____rs" as she can, the normally-timid Alice leaps from her hiding place above the ceiling, lands on her, grabs her by the hair and slams her head into the floor.