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Ride / The People Under the Stairs

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Haunted Sound Stage #23. Take a trip through the cryptic set that you will never forget... ever! (1992 description)
Soundstage 23 is haunted. Beware! The walls are alive with terror! (1993 description)

The People Under the Stairs was a haunted house based on the movie of the same name at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights 1992 and 1993. It was the event's first licensed haunted house and was followed in 2006 by The People Under The Stairs: Under Construction.

Not much information about this house exists due to its age. It is however known that it was a very gory house. There were staged beheadings of scareactors. One of the rooms featured Daddy, one of the villains from the movie, taking meat from a corpse and throwing it.

In 1993, the house was largely the same, except for the addition of The Roach Man.


This ride provides examples of: