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Finnikin of the Rock

Froi of the Exiles

  • Book two - Evanjalin AKA Isaboe telling off the leaders of surrounding nations for denying the people of Lumatere asylum and then asking the new Lumatere for assistance.
  • In Froi of the Exiles, when Froi saves Quintana from the noose. Also, when Froi stands on the iron trellis of the godshouse balconette and bargains for Gargarin's life.
  • Froi spends most of the second book refusing to sleep with anyone, even someone who is completely willing, because of what he did in the first book- keep in mind, nobody is telling him to abstain except himself. Hell, he refuses to so much as put a hand on Quintana until she tells him that she wants him.
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  • Quintana murdering her father- in front of Bestiano!
  • Phaedra telling Tesadora that if the Lumaterans truly don't mean any harm, then they shouldn't stereotype Charynites in front of their children, because all the pent-up racial tensions will lead to the children killing the Charynites in the future.
  • Beatriss buying a village and outbidding the douchebag Lords who were smugly trying to override her.

Quintana of Charyn

  • Phaedra throwing herself in front of Isaboe and offering herself to die instead of Quintana.
  • Arjuro and John of Charyn (in backstory) helping to rescue the novices of Lagrami from being raped by the Impostor King. It was an extremely brave thing to do, considering what happened to them both afterwards.
  • At the end, when the Provincari are discussing who should be Quintana's consort, once his name comes up, Froi makes it a point to actually ask her if she'd like to marry him, because nobody else was.

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