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Funny / The Lumatere Chronicles

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Finnikin of the Rock

  • Finnikin's fight with a surviving member of the royal guard begins dramatically, with him being attacked by a menacing, burly man. But then he realizes who he is and that he was only challenged because he, too, was Lumateran. Cut to Evanjalin explaining things to the others when Finnikin is simply tossed into a nearby pile of crates. He quickly gets back up and starts fighting again.
    • Evanjalin's commentary through it takes the cake
  • When Finnikin meets with the prince of Yutland Sud, Evanjalin acts as a translator. He has her turn around as he shows the prince his scar from his sacrifice to the Rock. Evanjalin goes over to the guards and says something, and the guards promptly whack both Finnikin and the prince upside the head. Finnikin doesn't understand what the Prince said about Evanjalin, but whatever it was, he agreed.
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  • "-Do you think you should warn him that I'm going to kiss you?"

Froi of the Exiles

  • Froi freaking out at the idea that he and Quintana are twins. (They're not, they were just born at the same time.)
  • Froi, Tippideaux, Quintana, Grij and Olivier watching Arjuro and De Lancey kissing/fighting.
  • This conversation between Froi and Arjuro, about Gargarin:
    Froi: I hate him!
    Arjuro: Of course you do, he's your father.

Quintana of Charyn


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