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Heartwarming / The Lumatere Chronicles

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Finnikin of the Rock

  • When Finnikin and co gather the exiles to regain Lumatere, they actually hold a celebration at one of the noble households of a leader who escaped Lumatere's gates, and it was the first time many of them had a good amount of fun in years.

Froi of the Exiles

  • Book two, Finnikin has a daughter with Evanjalin AKA Isaboe and he tells stories to the children of the Rock.

Quintana of Charyn

  • The short reunion between Arjuro and the Priestking at the end of Quintana of Charyn.


  • Everyone's insistence that Froi is an important member of the group and one of the lost children of Lumatere. In truth, he's actually the bastard son of one of Charyn's few remaining scholars and one of the last remaining members of an exterminated Charyn people, who was whored out by the king because of her beauty. After being introduced as a rapist and a thief, his Character Development shows that he cares for the people around him and that he's only afraid of getting hurt by them, as was the norm during his life on the streets. The Priest King teaches him how to speak Lumateran, Evanjalin becomes a close friend, and Froi eventually develops Undying Loyalty for Finnikin and Evanjalin.
  • How close Phaedra and Quintana are by the end of the series.
    • Also, how much Lucian cares for Phaedra, though he'll slice his own neck open before admitting it.
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  • Lirah tells Froi that in Serker, tattoos were a sign of ownership, that slaves were tattooed with the names of their owners. Later, Froi gets himself tattooed with the names of the women who own him: Lirah, his mother; Isaboe, his queen; and Quintana, his lover.