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Nightmare Fuel / The Lumatere Chronicles

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Dear God, where do we even start?

  • Isaboe, Vestie and Tesadora's curse. The three of them 'walk the sleep' of others- that is, they feel the pain, suffering, rage and everything else of the Lumaterans. The same people who spent ten years being starved, tortured, raped, maimed and murdered- and keep in mind, Isaboe walked the sleep of Lumaterans who inflicted such horrors, including the people who murdered her family.
  • Gargarin and Arjuro were held prisoner under their house by their shitstain of a father, who was terrified by the existence of identical triplets (the third died) and used them as slave labour.
    • What happened to them both: Arjuro was a prisoner in Lumatere when the unspeakable happened, and Gargarin was chained to the King's desk and tortured for eight years because the King thought he was Arjuro.
  • Bestiano raped Quintana repeatedly.
  • The massacre of Tariq of Lascow and his people.
  • The massacre of the Forest Dwellers, especially this line: "There were over five hundred Forest Dwellers before the days of the unspeakable. Today there are less than forty."
  • The torture and rape of the girls in the Sagrami and Lagrami cloisters.
  • The massacre in Sarnak.
  • The massacre of the king's associates in the second book, when Quintana murders her father and the city goes wild: at one point, Froi is standing by a scribe who is noting down the names of everyone being thrown into the ravine.
  • The massacre of the Serkers.
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  • The fate of the Oracle: raped, her tongue cut out and her fingers cut off. And originally, she was kidnapped from her home in Turla and forced to be the oracle against her will.
  • The murder of Rafuel's friends, as he's forced to watch.
    • Rafuel is later beaten so badly he can barely move.
  • Quintana being taken to the soothsayer's cave every year and nearly drowned so the spirits of the dead could try to inhabit her body, which was supposedly meant to break her curse.

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