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YMMV / The Lumatere Chronicles

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  • Foe Yay: Perri and Tesadora. It's the foundation of their entire relationship.
  • Moral Event Horizon: All the villains have one.
    • Bestiano crosses this when he slaughters Tariq of Lascow and his entire compound.
    • The old Charyn King crosses this when he orders the murders of Isaboe's family and invades Lumatere.
    • Donashe gets this when he kills Rafuel's men in cold blood in the valley between Lumatere and Charyn.
    • The Impostor King gets this when he forces the followers of Sagrami from their homes and burns them at the stake.
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  • Official Couple: Isaboe/Finnikin, Trevanion/Beatriss, Froi/Quintana, Lucian/Phaedra, Lirah/Gargarin, Arjuro/De Lancey.


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