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Awesome / The Freshman (1925)

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  • Peggy saw a group of freshman teasing and ridiculing the good-hearted Harold Lamb after he bought everyone ice cream. Along with an commentary article in the school newspaper giving him a mean nickname. Peggy responds by tears off the commentary and leaving Harold's picture.
  • As Harold was retrieving a ball he accidently got over a fence, he came across a feisty dog who tried to bite him, but couldn't because he was on a tether chain. So what does Harold do? He tricks the dog into running around a water faucet and locking himself in the loop, so he was able to pick the ball up safely.
  • Harold not succeeding to tackle the dummy the third time around, he even destroyed it. So of course, Harold would get kicked off the field.
  • Harold maintaining his optimism even after he was used as a practice dummy and nearly got the life beaten out of him. That kind of courage takes serious guts. "That kid's got a great spirit", indeed.
    • Also, props to Harold Lloyd, for making it look as if his character was truly in agonizing pain.
  • "Harold Lamb has more spunk in his little finger than you have in your whole conceited make-up!"
    • To put into context, Peggy had witnessed the College Cad teasing Harold about how he thought he was on the football team, even though he was the water boy. Then she walked up to the Cad sternly, and said the above line so he could defend her friend.
  • Harold punching out the College Cad after witnessing him grabbing Peggy and trying to kiss him.
  • When Harold's finally allowed to play in the football match. Granted, the Coach was out of options and all the other substitutes were unable to play, but it's still nice to see the film's Butt-Monkey finally have something go right for him.

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