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Awesome / The Final Sacrifice

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  • Think about it: This movie was made on less money ($1500 Canadian) than, but manages to completely surpass Manos: The Hands of Fate (made on a bet with a $20,000 budget about 25 years earlier) in pretty much every way (except for maybe Torgo)
    • And that's a big "maybe," because any movie that has a ZAP ROWSDOWER in it is way ahead of the curve on kickass characters.
    • The fact that this film is one of the few MST3K films that is watchable without Mike and the bots is its own CMOA.
    • Moreover it is one of a select few films to be remembered in by the three riffers decades later in Rifftrax, and is pretty much the ONLY one to be remembered in a half-way positive manner when it is referenced (either in the form of celebrating the apparent appearance of Rowsdower, or fantasizing about him teaming up with Batman).

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