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Quotes / The Final Sacrifice

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Aunt Betty: "You found that - Troy, you had no business there."
Troy McGreggor: "My father is my business."
Tom Servo: "Al Lewis, as grandma."
Aunt Betty: "Oh Troy, I'm sorry. I only want you to forget him, to carry on with your own life."
Crow: "Y,know, once you get one."
Troy McGreggor: "Am I like him?"
Mike (as Aunt Betty): "No, he was masculine and likable"
Aunt Betty: "Yes. You're very much like him."
Servo (as Aunt Betty): "If I'm thinking of the right guy."

Zap Rowsdower: "What's your name, laddy?"
Troy McGreggor: "Troy McGreggor."
Zap Rowsdower: "I'm Rowsdower... Zap Rowsdower."
Crow: "Well, my name is Bilge Stinkwater."
Crow: "So, Rowsdower: Is that a stupid name, or...?"

Tom: Oh baby, Rowsdower saves us and saves all the world.
Crow: He comes to save the day in a broken truck.
Mike: With stinky denim jacket on his back.
Crow: He couldn't help this movie, which really sucked.
Mike: But, at least we didn't have to see him play hackie sack.
Tom: (spoken) What?
Mike: (spoken) I'm sorry, I panicked.
Tom: (spoken) Well, wake up, this is important to me damn it!
Crow: (while Tom's and Mike's discussion) Roowwwssssddoooowwweerrr...
Mike: (spoken) Well, I'll try to do better!
Tom: (spoken) Shh! Shh! Here it comes! Listen!
Crow and Tom: (singing) Rowsdower saves us and saves all the world!
Mike: (singing) Rowsdower saves us.....
Tom: (spoken) No, no, Mike, that section's over ya non-musical mook!
Mike: (spoken) Well, sorry.

Crow: "Aw, c'mon, just one more sacrifice!"
Mike: "Well, alright, but this is the final sacrifice!

Crow: I can see why Quebec wants to be separate from all this.


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