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Awesome / Teenage Jinchuriki Shinobi

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Pre Time Skip

Introduction arc (ch. 1-5)

  • Naruto obtains all of turtles' weapons as opposed to just one of them.

Wave arc (ch. 6-10)

Chunin exam arc (ch. 11-20)

  • Almost all of it. Here are just some highlights:
    • The fights during the third part of the exam.
    • Neji getting beaten was one in-universe.

Hokage arc (ch. 21-24)

  • Naruto masters the rasengan, a skill that is known for being hard to learn and master.
  • When Manda is summoned, the turtles realize that Gamabunta and Katsuyu are in for a long fight. What do the turtles do? they go into their dragon mode-yes, the same one that the turtles used for Tengu Shredder-to fight alongside Bunta and Katsuyu

Rescue Sasuke arc (ch. 25-26)

New York arc (ch. 27-29)

Battle Nexus arc (ch. 30-33)

  • When Himeko enters her Isis form

Post Time Skip

Snow Country/Beach arc (ch. 34-40)

  • Everyone got far stronger in such time.

Itachi Returns (ch. 41-42)

Danzo arc (43-45)

Villain Alliance arc (ch. 46-48)

  • When Naruto and Sasuke combine their rasengan and chidori together to destroy Utrom Shredder's arm that was grabbing Himeko in his attempted Taking You with Me attempt

Epilogue (ch. 49)


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