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Awesome / The Tears of Gaia

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  • Rarity managed to beat the Jerkass griffin guard Gellert in the three F's.
  • After hearing that his son is alive and well, King Gideon of the griffins suddenly got up like he had just woke up from a very long sleep. He also along with his army and pony friends went to aid in the battle of Cervidas, and pretty much send the Blight packing in a matter of hours!
    • Bonus points for Gideon's first words after he recovers from his stupor:
    Then he spoke, in voice that had not been heard for ages. A voice that made the ponies' ears flatten against their heads. A voice that would put Princess Luna to shame. "GORDON'S ALIVE?!!"
    • And to add to the sheer volume, his first words are actually written in a larger font than usual. He's just that loud.
    • The author has freely admitted that ever since introducing Gideon and Gordon to the story, he had been building it up for that one reference. And yes, that Gideon's dialogue should be read in BRIAN BLESSED'S voice.
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  • Twilight throwing the Tears at the Blightling monster that was going the rout of The Assimilator to trigger an Assimilation Backfire via a Going to Give It More Energy than it can contain. It not only destroys the Blight utterly, it solves the problem of what to do with the Tears by causing their power to be diffused over the entire world.


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