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Funny / Teenage Jinchuriki Shinobi

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  • Casey' reactions to seeing Tsunade
  • Tazuna stating that Naruto didn't look like much at all. Then his mind changes when Naruto THROWS A SAI AT THE WALL NEAR HIS HEAD
  • Both the Konoha and turtle ninjas taunting Hun, and the Humiliation Conga that followed.
  • How Mikey reacted upon reading the porn that Jiraya had.
  • Mikey essentially replacing Naruto as the foolish one.
    • The snow country scenes, where he says he wants to go through the natural slide, and everyone glaring at him. Afterwards, Raph smacks him.
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  • Sakura seeing everyone else having finished breakfast.
  • There's something about the line "I'll peel them out of their shells and make them soup!" that was just so narmful. Also an inuniverse example when Haku chuckles.
  • Naruto's awesome pranks:
    • The pizza one on Kakashi.
    • How about the hotsause one that he pulls on Kiba, which is even funnier as he originally planned to do it on Raph alongside Mikey.

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