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  • Jared, after giving into his alcoholism, turns into a Hulk and fights Alice. The fight ends in a draw.
  • The Warden gets one in the pilot episode when he reveals his Xanatos Gambit against the Twins. Made even more awesome in that this in the only time during the course of the series thus far in which a member of the Superjail staff actually scares the everloving crap out of the Twins.
    Twin A: Bravo to you.
    Twin B: We love the new uniforms.
    The Warden: I think you boys need to...step it up, because it's time for the big show.
    (full moon starts rising, causing some of the inmates in wolf costumes to turn into werewolves)
    Jared: Sir! We have to get out of here!
    The Warden: Adios, Twins.
    The Twins: ADI-5000.
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  • The Warden and Jared thwarting a large scale prison break in "Uh-Oh, It's Magic" with nothing but awesome magic tricks.
  • Combaticus is a walking example of this, EASILY ripping apart hordes of violent inmates without effort in his episode.
    • Pretty much anything Combaticus did, especially saving the Twins, twice. His entrance alone is a Moment of Awesome.
  • Pretty much any brawl sequence in Superjail, where the bodies pile up by the dozens.
    • Any episode in which either the inmates unite with each other or the administrators is guaranteed to be awesome, by virtue of the tag-team action and the probability that they're doing so to beat back a far more deadly foe.
  • In "Planet Radio" the final battle is against rats, so the Doctor turns Alice and several inmates into the characters from Cats, and they kick ass with ballet.
  • The final battle in "The Trouble with Triples" is one big shout-out to classic video games in general, with the inmates and staff fighting off alien creatures (which they believe are game bosses) with different techniques and power-ups.
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  • The climax to "Oedipus Mess" has Jailbot traveling out to the outside world once more, to capture Jacknife. The only difference? There are at least 10,000 Jacknife clones loose note . Jailbot proceeds to activate "Nano mode" and divide himself up into miniature copies so he can capture every Jacknife. One long bloody capture sequence follows, with all the Jacknife clones apprehended and torn apart from Jailbot's handiwork.
  • Jared and the Doctor fighting and rounding up the Doctor's escaped mutants in "Superfail", while attempting to rescue the Warden from the sewer facility (and a three-headed mutant dog that's taken an interest in him).
  • The Doctor breaking the Warden and Jared free in "Vacation", and the three proceeding to launch a rescue attempt on the inmates. Although they wind up captured by the Zamzazons, they still put up quite a fight with machine guns against the winged snake creatures.
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  • "Sticky Discharge" has Paul decide that he doesn't want to return to the real world, and fight his way back into the jail by punching out Jailbot, and evading several deathtraps all so he can reunite with Jean.
  • "Jean & Paul & Beefy & Alice" Has the Warden trying to cheat on his and Jared's Golf Game, Jared quickly notices this and ends up Golf Clubbing the Warden's crotch!

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