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  • Ally's actions during Marion's failed self-bondage session show the difference between a powerful dominant and a regular person very well: she knew immediately what to do, reined in her terror and feelings with an iron hand, and kept the situation under control for as long as it was necessary until help arrived. Yes, there is an ugly side to her hobby, but she can deal with it like a boss—and that's what ultimately counts for a good domme.
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  • Anne calling out Lisa for her abandoning Ally after the argument at The Crimson. Regarded as such in-universe by Lisa, who insists upon rendering it to her audience not as the simple phone call it was, but as an epic fantasy duel, right out of one of Ally's MMOs.
  • Lisa finally getting up the courage to ask Ally out so that she can tell her how she truly feels about her.


  • Not in the story itself, but the comic and its artists were featured in a recent DeviantArt Journal Entry. Warning: NSFW, obviously.
  • Meta example: Preorder sales for the Volume 1 collection were so good that they allowed Stjepan Sejic to not only finish his planned three arcs of Death Vigil, but expand it into a full ongoing series. This for a webcomic that people can already read for free.
  • The Volume 1 collection has a series of behind-the-scenes art in which Stjepan depicts himself starting on Sunstone, explaining how it started with simple pin-ups and evolved into a fully-fledged comic, how it helped him get over a serious case of Artist's Block, and let him help his family by doing something he loves. It's something to which any creative individual can relate.
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  • Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Sunstone have made Amazon's top bestseller list for Erotica Graphic Novels.
  • Volume 1 made it to the final round in the Best Graphic Novels & Comics category of the 2015 Goodreads Choice Awards.


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