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  • Fan Nickname: 'Cruella' for Marion - granted, that's what the characters nicknamed her too, but the fans used it from her very first picture before her real name was known. It's because of her two-tone hair, though, not her personality or anything regarding puppies or coats.
  • Out of Order
    • Constantly in the strip's older days; the strips were posted in the order they were completed, not in the order of chronology or even in the order they were thought up, because Stjepan was just doing then as a lark without any thought of building a story. Expect to do some headscratching if you figure it out without the unofficial guide.
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    • These days this is mostly averted as the comic is updating chronologically and in volumes. Previously standalone strips have been absorbed by the progressing narrative. Though future strips and pin ups are still released, these are kept in galleries separate from the volumes now making the comic much easier to navigate.
  • Shrug of God: The informal nature of the strip comments sections are a great place to seek informed and detailed answers from the author. When he's not being a smartass.
    "What is Anne's real hair colour?"
    "who the hell knows XD, she seems to be sticking with blonde now"
  • What Might Have Been: Some art suggests Anne having a more romantic relationship with Ally and Lisa, possibly to the point of them being a trio. The story makes it clear, however, that while Anne would happily have joined the two at first, their insecurities with each other turned her off.
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  • Word of God: In the strip comments and Journal sections of the author's deviantART page.

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