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Heartwarming / Sunstone

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  • "Aw mistress... is that an order?" "YES!" (SERIOUSLY NSFW)
  • This picture from Ally and Lisa's wedding.
  • The end of Chapter 2, which has Lisa giving Ally a much-needed hug after Ally's breakdown in the bathroom (see Tear Jerker).
  • Lisa accepting Ally's proposal to move in with her after much apprehension from both of them.
  • The end of Chapter 3, which cuts to five years into the future, where we see Ally and Lisa happily married.
    Ally: You're playing with fire, Mrs. Carter.
    Lisa: I love just about everything in that sentence. Every...single...word...
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  • During the end of Chapter 4, Anne provides some much-needed comfort and even a laugh for Ally following the big blowup between her and Lisa at the Crimson. She's also the one who takes Ally to the hospital to have her wrist put into a cast, as well as taking her home.
  • In Chapter 5, when Ally discovers that Lisa has started writing new bondage erotica but had dropped the Lisbeth series because it was too personal, Ally posts a message letting Lisa know she was okay with Lisa continuing the Lisbeth arc. It's a moment that leaves both women realizing they were still thinking of each other. Better yet, it reinvigorates Lisa to write... and hints at how the two will repair their relationship...
    • And it works. Lisa leaves a subtle clue or five about her Heel Realization for Ally to pick up on. For starters, by calling her literary avatar "Ally" something she never did in previous Lisbeth tales. Ally realizes the following apology from Lisa's avatar is really from her, and the two of them reconcile in the forum chats.
  • Lisa finishing her stories with a cliffhanger right before her avatar confesses to Ally's avatar. Cue Ally demanding to know how it ends. Cue Lisa asking Ally out on a real date. Cue explosion of joy from all characters involved, as well as the readers.
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  • The ending, in which Lisa finally makes her Love Confession to Ally with simple gestures (due to not being able to get words through because of the loud and atrocious music, capped off with one hell of a Big Damn Kiss.
  • Also in the ending, the future scene showing Ally proposing to Lisa.
  • In Mercy, when Anne is coming out to Cassie about being bi, Cassie seems a bit perturbed and Anne is scared she just ruined their friendship. Turns out, Cassie was perfectly fine with it, she was just getting changed for her modeling job and didn't feel that was an appropriate "tits-out conversation".

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