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  • During their first night together Ally and Lisa unwind by eating a Chinese takeaway and watching a movie and Lisa makes the following observation:
    Lisa: Seriously? She's choosing between Necrophilia and Bestiality and we're the perverts here?
    Ally: I know, right?
  • How to prevent a conflict ball:
  • "Real steak or metaphorical?" "First real, then metaphorical."
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  • When Ally discovers she shares an interest with Alan by accidentally seeing a diagram of a pony-girl outfit he is sketching, he assumes that she plans to use it as gossip fuel. On their next meeting, she demonstrates that she does not.
  • Chris and Cassie's Snark-to-Snark Combat on this page.
  • Lisa and her brother. "It's not a dog collar!"
  • Alan's magnificent payback on Ally. "Hello, screensaver!"
  • In an as-yet out-of-order page; Well now that's just cruel.
  • Another as-yet out-of-order page; "So...scale of one to ten, how strong is that thing?"
  • Cassie's attempts to Dom her husband, Tom... don't go exactly as planned, made even funnier by her hammy I Have You Now, My Pretty proclamation a moment before.
    Tom: *Easily breaking the ties she'd used* Sorry, my nose has been itching something fierce.
    (even later) Honey, you have the knot-tying skills of a movie villain!
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  • Tanya's first impression of Harper.
  • "Boo! Get a dungeon!"
    • This apparently matters for some reason^
  • Ally and Lisa meet Anne and all three of them get drunk. The result? "WAZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!"
  • Lisa has one hell of a Death Glare.
  • Anne using the Internet to research BDSM and getting freaked out by what she finds.
  • Although the end of chapter 4 is very serious Ally recounting how the doctor that treated her fractured wrist got a lot of mileage out of her Naughty Nurse Outfit is a much needed bit of levity.
  • When Lisa starts up a new erotica series to get over the break-up with Ally, she eagerly awaits the comments that would follow her new story. Instead she gets post after post of clueless fans wondering when she'll write more Lisbeth stories. The look on Lisa's face: priceless.
  • Ally and Lisa completely missing the signs that Anne can see all too well.
    • Foof Foof
  • Lisa ending her last story on a cliffhanger.
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  • The entire scene with Anne and Alan.
    Anne: You know, on one side, assigning "Yakety Sax" as Ally's personalized ringtone makes it easy to know it's her. On the flipside, so not having that as my sex soundtrack!
    Alan: It could be kinda fun. You know, "Yakety Sex?"
    Anne: Alan! Let me put this in, as you call it, a non-negotiable form. Mercy!
    Anne: I fucking swear, this is karma biting me on the ass for messing with Cassie.
    Alan: No, that would be me! (playfully bites Anne on the ass)
    Anne: WAH!
    Alan: I could kiss you...but given the experience from last night, we know how that ends.
    Anne: Don't stroke your own ego.
    Alan: Oh, Imma stroke it!
    Anne: (impishly) So, you named your penis "Ego"? Interesting.
  • The completely atrocious singer that Harper hires for the party at the Crimson on New Years Eve.
  • Ally having two left feet:
    Ally: I'm a horrible dancer!
    Lisa: That's okay! It's a horrible song!
  • At the end of the fifth arc, showing future scenes from Lisa and Ally's relationship, we see a scene of Ally looking like a sulky teenager while Lisa orders her (for as yet unknown reasons) to talk to her mother.
    Lisa: You will talk to your mother like a grown up or I will! And trust me, you don't want that!
  • In the prequel series Mercy, flashbacks to Ally and Alan's start of their dom/sub relationship shows that they flipped a coin to see who would be the dom(me). It goes to Alan... who suddenly gets overwhelmed by the situation and panics.
    • They also bicker over what the Safe Word will be, and Alan goes with "Mercy" for his. When Ally argues how cliched that one is, Alan turns on his Inner Dom and says "You will say Mercy or I will show you none," it so excites Ally that she turns on her Inner Domme and orders him to keep going.
      • It also works as a bit of Foreshadowing how their relationship ends and how Lisa ends up with Ally: Ally is a Dominatrix at heart.



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