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Awesome / Summer Days And Evening Flames

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  • "Hey, Fotze!" Cue thrown baton to the face.
  • Gilda's duel with Starfall, while definitely not a good thing, is still awesome and badass enough to make the list. She shows up unarmed (and without armor) and goes up against a heavily armored opponent who is not fighting fair... and still wins. The way she takes him down is deliciously ironic, and to make it even sweeter, she follows it up by refusing to kill him.
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  • From the first installment, Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel: Celestia shows an 80-member tribe of pony-eating griffons why she is called a god. One spell, 77 kills. And the survivors were spared to send a message to the other tribes. Yeah, Celestia doesn't play around at all.

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