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YMMV / Summer Days And Evening Flames

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  • Actor Allusion: Humorously averted unintentionally. When Rainbow Dash visited Gilda, she makes note how Gilda shares her birthday with Spitfire the Wonderbolt. For two seasons it was believed that Spitfire's VA was Maryke Hendrikse, same as Gilda's, so it would qualify. However, later information revealed it was always Kelly Metzger, screwing up the allusion.
  • Stoic Woobie: Comet Tail, Starfall's wife and mother of their two children. She had her wings torn off by angry griffins 10 years ago, and spent all the time in between married to a Jerkass husband who secretly resented her for not acting crippled like she should.
    • Gilda too, considering her abusive upbringing. Just when things start to look up and she gets closer to finding happiness, something goes wrong.

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