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  • Despite the final battle of Warrior's Way being a Luck-Based Mission, it's just so cool watching your entire army charge at the enemy with your Mii at the lead.
  • Getting a rare-colored Mii (such as Yellow or Brown) can be this when you need them most.
  • Beating Arcade Mode in Mii Force. When you've made it, you've earned that climactic ending!
  • Hooking a big one in Ultimate Angler. Literally everyone joins you to help hook one gigantic fish. Even more satisfying if it's one of the twelve Mystery Species (which are nearly impossible to reel in with just one turn, or even two, even with the game's most powerful rods with full upgrades).
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  • Find Mii II's Final Boss Battles against the Armored Archfiend, Ultimate Ghost, and Dark Lord are pretty awesome, only made more so by the epic battle themes.
  • Making an artisan meal in Feed Mii is pretty cool. Making a jumbo artisan meal is fantastic!
    "The best meal in the world!"
    • So you're randomly guessing which ingredients you'll need, expecting to make a Failed Experiment, and wind up making an artisan meal. You give yourself a pat on the back.
      • Even better if you somehow manage to make an Epic Banquet by randomly deciding to mix every item in the game at once. Especially because that means the problem you're on is as good as done.

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