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Drinking Game / StreetPass Mii Plaza

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StreetPassing itself

  • Take a shot every time you meet a Mii whose last played game is a Pokémon game or Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Or don't, as you'll be rambling about "the pokey and the man" after just one round of 10 Miis.
  • Take a shot every time you meet a Mii with a nonstandard face (such as a mouth above the nose).
  • Take a shot every time you're at a convention and you're sitting in your hotel room, yet you get StreetPasses anyway.
    • Speaking of conventions, we strongly recommend diluting your shots if you intend on playing this game at one, lest you probably end up in an ambulance.
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    • Take a victory drink when you reach that one hundred streetpassers milestone!
  • If you live outside of Japan, take a shot every time you actually StreetPass someone on the street.
  • US only: Take a shot every time you discover you're no longer able to use StreetPass Relay at your local Starbucks because they replaced AT&T's wifi with Google's wifi.
    • Or if you go into a place known for StreetPass Relay, like McDonald's, and get no new tags because their wifi is down or they never had wifi service to begin with. But don't drink on the premises! That's illegal.
  • Take two shots every time you meet a Mii whose last played game is non-game software, such as System Settings or Health & Safety Information.
  • Take a shot every time you're out with a friend who also has a StreetPass-enabled 3DS turned on, yet you fail to get their StreetPass data.
  • Take a shot for every time you StreetPass someone not in your car while driving...when you're done driving.note 
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  • Take a shot when you get a StreetPass for all your games except Streetpass Plaza, then curse the insolent brat who doesn't care about the importance of Mii Plaza.
  • Take a shot when you get a Dark Green Mii; there's a lot of them.
    • Take another one if you get a full house of 10 Miis and three or more of them are wearing red shirts. They're more useful, but they're everywhere.
  • Take a shot when you get a Mii who has an extremely low plaza population, hasn't marked any hobbies, hasn't registered a birthday, and has no step count data. They won't be useful at all.
  • Greetings:
    • Take a shot if a Mii's greeting is their contact or social media info.
    • Take a shot if you're at an event and the greeting is related to said event. Take only half a shot if you're not at said event (either due to it being past or you being elsewhere).
    • Take a shot if a Mii's greeting contains memes.
      • If it's "I II II L" (aka "Loss"), take a second shot.
      • If it's The Game and you just lost, finish your drink.
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    • Take a shot if a Mii's greeting contains censor-bypassed banned words. If said banned word is a slur, drink until you forget you saw it.

Puzzle Swap

  • Take a shot every time a Mii has no puzzle pieces for you to exchange.
  • If you use Play Coins to purchase pieces and get a piece you already have, take a shot.
  • Take a shot every time the 3DS notifications make you get a piece to a newly-released (that is to say, empty) puzzle.note 
    • Take another one if you haven't StreetPassed in a long time when that notification shows up.

Find Mii

  • Take a shot every time a Mii fails to do any damage.
  • For every Mii that automatically leaves because of a darkened, excessively bright, or poisoned room, take a shot. Take another and facepalm if you do have a Mii that can dispel the debilitating room condition but you have to go through several rounds of Miis leaving just to get to that particular Mii.
  • Take a shot every time a mummy scares your current Mii into leaving immediately.
  • If you use a pink Mii's "daring" spell, take two shots every time a subsequent Mii's attack misses.

Flower Town

  • Take a shot when you're trying to grow a certain kind/size of flower and grow something useless.
  • Take a shot whenever you grow a supposedly-rare flower.

Ultimate Angler

  • Take a shot every time you get an A+ catch when using only one piece of bait with a normal rod.
  • Alternately, take a shot every time you get a D catch when you have a rod that has Big Catch Bonus activated. Take an additional shot for each level of Big Catch Bonus on said rod.
  • Take a shot if you've received word of a Mystery Species, but you lack any of the baits it likes (presumably while muttering dark oaths under your breath).
  • Take a shot if you've used bait that should attract the most valuable species in a given area, but you reel in a Miss instead. If it's tiny, better be prepared for it!

Battleground Z

  • Take a shot for every Mii who has no hobby and gives you a damaged weapon.
  • Take a shot for each Wii Remote you get.
  • Take a shot each time your weapon breaks because you couldn't wiggle out of the zombies' clutches quick enough.

Slot Car Rivals

  • Take a shot whenever you crash your car. Note: This may only cause you to crash more. Don't drink and drive, kids.
  • Take a shot if, after defeating Iceman the first time, he challenges you to a rematch. Take a second one if you don't place 1st but Iceman says he's impressed by your skill anyway.

Market Crashers

  • Take a shot every time you're too late to react to a sudden increase/decline in stock value.
  • Finish your drink if you finish day-trading with a net loss.

Feed Mii

  • Take a shot for every ingredient that you can't make use of in either feeding your customers, or doing culinary research for new recipes.
  • If you make a Failed Experiment, take the ingredients you used, run them through a blender mixed with your liquor of choice, fill a shot glass with the contents, and down it.
  • When cooking what you want as part of culinary research, take a shot every time you get an "X and Y" dish as the output.
    • Take three shots if you put a bunch of random ingredients together and you somehow make an Artisan meal out of it.
  • Take a celebratory drink every time you feed your customers with a Jumbo meal.

Ninja Launcher

  • Take a shot for every kite you miss once you get past the first two levels.

Mii Trek

  • Take a shot for every Mii with only 500 steps.
  • Take a celebratory drink for finding a Mii with over 3,000 steps. This includes special Miis.

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