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The Comic:

  • And then of course there's Al Simmons returning after shooting himself in the head and presumably dying for good. Don't lie. You cheered, too.
  • Issue 100, in which Spawn finally hacks off Malebolgia's head and takes his throne as the king of that circle of hell.
  • Issue 120 builds on that when Spawn uses Malebolgia's power for the first time, summoning a legion of other hellspawn and transforming himself into a giant to beat the Violator into submission.
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  • In Issue 168, Wynn orders a couple of his men to kill a drunk man he met in a bar, all while gloating to them that they can't kill him, because of his "insurance," which would bring about the collapse of civilization. Then his men's skulls burn with green fire from the inside out. In comes Spawn, breathing said green fire. The following issue reveals that Spawn destroyed his insurance and left him to die. It's especially awesome since Spawn had made it clear a few pages prior that he has no interest in protecting the world anymore.
  • Jim Downing, the second Spawn, doing the one thing Al never could; as of this writing, killing Jason Wynn for good. Then going on as an angel to save all of New York from K7-Leetha's rampage.


The film:

  • The Clown finally getting serious during the movie.
    Clown: No more clowning around! I am not The Vindicator, or The Victimizer, or The Vaporizer, or The Vibrator! I am, THE VIOLATOR

The western animation:

  • Season 1, Episode 6. Spawn gets one when he surfs on the antagonist's van, Clown gets one with this line:
    Clown: You assholes, that wasn't in the goddamn script!
  • Clown gets another one when he reveals his true nature. Up until this point, he's been an obnoxious, trash-talking sidekick, but Spawn finally pushes him one step too far, and he announces "you don't know who you're dealin' with... but it's time you found out". Everyone who knew the comic book knew what was coming, and it didn't disappoint: he gruesomely changes into Violator, and everything about his mannerisms changes. Now he speaks telepathically in a much more formal, darker tone that's almost totally devoid of humor (starting with the ominous line "now begins your training"), while laying down not only Spawn's first defeat in a fight, but a Curb-Stomp Battle at that. And the original HBO broadcast went one step further than the DVD's. Initially, his voice was a constantly shifting Voice of the Legion with both male and female elements; it practically required closed captioning to make out, but it really, really made Violator feel completely non-human. They switched to a more hissing, decipherable voice in reruns and DVD's that lost a little bit of the effect, but either way, it was the perfect demonstration that Clown's really, really Not So Harmless after all.
  • Shortly afterwards, we have Spawn's utter wtfpwnage of Overkill and Tony Twist. After a brutal battle where Overkill solidly defeats Spawn (but not without getting a piece of rebar right through his artificial eye), Overkill is being repaired... cue Spawn interrupting. Shortly after, Spawn pays Tony Twist, Overkill's boss, a visit and lets loose a bag full of Overkill's severed limbs and part of his face, followed by shooting Twist's goons in the legs and making Twist shit himself.
    • As if that's not awesome enough, we're also treated to Keith David giving one of the most badass threats ever put to television.
      Spawn: As of now, you work for me. And your job is very simple. Give me my space. Understand? All I want is a little peace and quiet. Got it, fat boy?
      Tony: Yes...
      Spawn: Say it.
      Tony: I work for you... and you want your peace and quiet.
      Spawn: And who am I?
      Tony: I don't know!
      Spawn: That's right. You don't know. Let that little mystery keep you up at night.

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