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Awesome / Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation²

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  • Issue 1, on the Doctor's side of things, shows him and the Pond couple having a merry old time in Egypt - outrunning soldiers in chariots, exposing and trapping a malevolent alien disguised as advisor to the Pharaoh, and halting a plot to use the River Nile to scorch the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Issue 3 gives us a good one for the fandoms. Captain Kirk and the 4th Doctor, working side by side, two figures who are very representative of their respective fandoms. Awesome with a cherry on top.
    • Specifically on the Star Trek side of things, Kirk manages to fight off multiple Cybermen (to an extent, at least) with his bare hands. He even uses all of his signature moves, including his flying kick (which actually staggers the Cyberman) and the infamous two-fisted hammer punch.
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    • The Doctor, on the other hand, keeps his cool under pressure throughout the entire brawl, calmly asking Kirk for his communicator so that he can use its cover to generate a cloud of gold dust, immobilizing the Cybermen long enough for the rest of the Enterprise crew to finish them off with their phasers.
    • Then in classic Doctor Who style, the Doctor makes a quick and quiet exit once the crisis is over, leaving Kirk and the others stumped about who he really was.
  • In Issue #4, Guinan gets a minor moment of awesome when she reveals she knows the nature of the TARDIS. This surprises the Doctor so much that he's caught off guard for a few moments - something that he acknowledges as not being easy to do.
    • Another moment from Issue #4, relatively low-key: for all of her marvelous traits and abilities, the TARDIS doesn't have transporters. But the Enterprise does, and Amy teases the Doctor about it.
    • Shortly after, the away team comes under attack from alien security drones, and the Doctor holds his own alongside Riker and Worf by using his sonic screwdriver alongside their phasers.
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    • At the climax of this issue, it's revealed the Cybermen have turned on the Borg...and, despite the latter being terrifyingly nigh-unstoppable, the former have decisively routed the latter.
  • Issue #5, both for the Doctor revealing the time-traveling nature of his TARDIS and showing Picard a Bad Future that convinces him to cross his own personal Godzilla Threshold by agreeing to help the Borg.
    The Doctor: We should help our enemies because it's what makes us better than them.
  • Issue #6, for Picard showing that while he's agreeing to the Doctor's approach, he won't blindly trust the Borg to not betray them - both by meeting the Borg negotiation party on a remote planet far from the Enterprise, and by having phasers ready in case things go sideways.
  • A two-part matter in Issues 6 and 7 - the Doctor, Rory, and Amy go back in time to find a perfect copy of the Borg executive library system...which lands him in the middle of the battle of Wolf-359, when Picard had been assimilated into the Borg collective as Locutus. One Time Lord and two unarmed humans in the heart of the Borg war machine...and they get in and out without ever setting off the alarms!
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  • Issue #7, Worf's retort to the Doctor's usual "guns make people stupid" attitude while handing out phasers to Amy and Rory.
    Worf: The Doctor isn't here. And stupidity is an empty hand. I have no problem continuing to protect you. But would you rather not protect yourselves?
  • In the final issue, when a Borg drone attempts to assimilate the TARDIS, the TARDIS Matrix takes refuge in Lt. Cmdr. Data. When the situation is resolved, all Data can say about the experience, "Fascinating."
    • During the confrontation itself, Worf and Rory team up to deal with the aforementioned Borg drone - Worf grapples with the cybernetic abomination and lifts it over his shoulders, Rory opens the TARDIS door, and Worf hurls the Borg out into the Time Vortex!
    • A villainous one for the Borg drone - though the Cybermen proved to be Eviler Than Thou to the Borg, and the Trek-verse seemed to be one-upped by the Doctor's at every turn, the final threat comes from a single Borg - one who, had it not been for the timely intervention of Data, Worf, and Rory, would have been able to assimilate the TARDIS!
  • The last scene of the miniseries shows the Borg, intrigued by the story's events, looking into figuring out time travel. That's right: the Doctor actually helped inspire the events of Star Trek: First Contact!

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