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     In General 
  • Any scene with Jackie Chan fighting is awesome by default.

    The first film 
  • Although she was just a girl, Soo Yung didn't get kidnapped without a fight. She whips Sang with her bracelet, scarring his face, which she kicks him multiple times too before that.
  • Lee escaping Carter's watchful eye by hopping on street lights and jumping into vehicles (as they're moving!)
  • Carter, riding in a tow truck pulls up to the Consulate. Then he meets the guard Lee laid the smack-down on earlier. Also counts a funny moment before and after Lee takes off Carter's car steering wheel.
    Carter: Hey, man, y'all see a little Asian dude about this height with a steering wheel on his arm?
    Guard #1: Go screw yourself.
    Carter: What did you say?
    Guard #1: I said go screw yourself.
    Carter: You take your little sensitive ass up there and let me in. Get out of the way! Don't make me get up out of this truck! Man, when I get up in there I'm slappin' somebody, I don't play that.
    • For that matter, Lee escaping Carter's car with his handcuffs by taking off his car's steering wheel and infiltrating the consulate.
  • The climax, full stop. A mexican standoff between Juntao's bodyguards and the FBI agents which gets turned on it's head when Carter gets a hold of Soo-Yung and demands they activate the detonator, then things go to hell with Lee mercilessly hunting down Juntao, getting a hold of him and lasting long enough that Juntao falls to his death. Special mention goes Carter and Sang doing a gun draw when Agent Russ was shot by Juntao. Then of course, Carter shot Sang directly in the heart.
  • Carter is really good at this sort of badass speech after he downright refuses his pending FBI badge from Agents Russ and Whitney.
    Carter: You serious? I don't know what to say. It's like a dream come true. I got an idea though, I got an idea. Why don't y'all take that badge and shove it up your ass. All up in your ass. I'm L.A.P.D.

    The second film 
  • The battle on the bamboo scaffolding, with several mooks getting thrown off.
  • The massage parlor fight is definitely this with moments of hilarity.
  • The incredibly destructive fight in the Red Dragon Casino culminating in the use of an improvised zip-line.

    The third film 
  • The beginning, Kenji hits Counsel (now Ambassador) Han with a sniper rifle and Lee damn nearly catches up with him by traversing over a LA freeway via free running.
  • Carter and Lee interrogating the assassin, which is equal parts funny and impressive if you go with the interpretation that they had it all planned out: Lee deliberately gives Carter an empty gun, Carter "shoots" the guy to scare him and show that he means business, then Carter gets a clip from Lee so that he can load the gun right in front of the assassin, all obfuscated by Carter being Carter. It successfully gets him to crack.
    Carter: That's right, Sister, call the Lord and tell him he's about to have some company! [...] Almost done, FORGIVE ME FATHER FOR I HAVE SIIIINED!
  • The final fight on the Eiffel Tower qualifies. Chiefly the Katana Vs Jian sword duel between Kenji and Li in a highly inversed national weapons scenario.
  • Carter taking down all of the triad goons, by HIMSELF, saving Soo-Yung, and killing The Dragon. Compare it to the first film where he was no slouch with a gun but a clumsy fighter at best, here he takes out mooks with as much ease as Lee.
  • George, the French taxi driver, killing Renard.
  • Lee and Carter punching the French policeman who anal searched them and took credit for solving the case. Then, the "the brothers" dance to "War."

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