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  • The cop who finds Room, Officer Oh/Parker. Despite the fact that the person she is dealing with is a traumatized five-year-old who has never seen a real human outside of his mother and their captor, is in a totally alien environment after a lifetime of horrific confinement and forgot his way in the struggle to escape Old Nick, she is able to get enough GPS Evidence from him to enable the police to find the locked shack where his mother is imprisoned and rescue her that very night.
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  • The dog walker, who is quick to suspect that something's up when he finds Jack calling for help during his attempted escape from Old Nick. Some people would have just kept on walking. The dog, Boomer, also gets one, as he starts barking at Old Nick when the latter attempts to take Jack by force, only to calm down and comfort Jack once Old Nick leaves. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, in the film, anyway. In the book, Ajeet's dog Raja isn't as sweet-tempered, but Ajeet himself is a quick-thinking Badass Bystander.
    "I've got your plates, mister!"
  • Hell, Ma. She orchestrates an escape plan using nothing but the materials she has in Room.
  • Jack's grandmother Nancy gets one in the movie. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    Joy: Because that's all you will think about when you look at me!
    Nancy: When I look at you I will see my daughter!

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