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Awesome / Roger Zelazny

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The Chronicles of Amber

  • With not so much a Crowning Moment as a Crowning Reputation of Awesome, Benedict of Amber is known as the best fighter in all the worlds. A perfect illustration is given when his brother Corwin—a man strong enough to lift cars, wrestle with demons, and snap necks with his bare hands; skilled enough to outfight dozens of men at a time, and tough enough to grow his eyes back after being blinded and survive the bubonic plague—finds out that Benedict is coming to get him. Corwin turns and runs.
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  • Corwin himself is the second best fighter of the worlds: which should gives you an idea of Benedict's strength, considering the best warrior after him fear him that much.
  • Corwin, in chains at his brother's coronation, gets his hands on the crown and promptly dubs himself King of Amber.

Creatures of Light and Darkness

  • Typhon's defeat of The Thing That Cries In The Night.
  • The Steel General and Wakim's fugue battle. They have to be stopped before they destroy the world they're standing on.


Lord of Light

  • The duel between Yama and Rild is an exemplar of badassery.
  • Yama versus an attempted Shape Shifter Guilt Trip:
    Yama: Do you not know each man kills the thing he loves?


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