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  • Jaune killing the Nuckelavee. In the original timeline, it took an entire team RNJR to beat the thing. Jaune doing it essentially on his own while protecting the nearby civilians firmly establishes just how much more of a badass he has become.
  • Jaune's first mission with the Specialists is a journey into an underground mad scientist lair where Merlot was creating Cyborg Grimm, and involves blowing the place sky-high and a surprise boss fight against Tyrian. Crazy Awesome at its finest.
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  • In her match against Pyrrha, Emerald manages to get the upper hand through creative usage of her weapons, using her chain to jam Pyrrha's weapon.
  • As her personal trainer, Jaune notes that Yang is even stronger than she was in canon at this point, and that when the time comes for her first year at Beacon, she could probably beat her canon self at that point.
  • Chapter 40: Raven arrives as a one woman cavalry for Jaune in a curb stomp slaughter where nobody manages land a single hit, even forcing Hazel to retreat.
  • Chapter 44: Weiss and Whitely take advantage of Jaune allowing them a few minutes to prepare by summoning dozens of white Nevermore to both hinder his mobility and blind him. While Jaune still beats them, they do force him to fight more seriously than almost anyone who isn't in Salem's group.
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  • Jaune has had a lot of butterflies come off from his actions, but one he probably didn't expect is that Raven is now training his counterpart from this timeline, two years before he was set to enter Beacon.
  • Chapter 54: Raven shows up at Watts' hideout Maiden-powers-blazing with every intention of killing the man and rescuing Ren and Nora after witnessing Janue's memories of them and inadvertently forming a bond with them as well.
  • Chapter 66: Jaune utterly tears through the White Fang in order to save Winter from them, quickly turning a hostage situation into a Mook Horror Show. He was so terrifying that Sienna doesn't even consider him a human, but a monster.
    • The chapter ends with Jaune and Hazel preparing to fight one-on-one in a battle to the death amongst the flames and corpses of Jaune's rampage.
  • Tyrian truly proves his combat prowess during Emerald's capture sequence. He defeats Roman and Neo without any visible injuries and then proceeds to go toe to toe with Summer. He then defeats the huntress through sheer viciousness of his attacks and would have killed her if not for Emerald's intervention.
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  • Emerald's intervention deserves a mention. Rather than try to fight Tyrian directly or use her Semblance against him, she capitalizes on the fact Tyrian needs her alive and impales herself, forcing Tyrian to release both her and Summer so the latter can get her to a hospital.

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