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  • Matt's Establishing Character Moment when he immediately pulls out a small-sized gun on Dunson after he slaps him back to reality.
    • Dunson gets his own CMOA when he pretends to stand down, then quickly lunges toward him, slapping him again, and taking away his gun.
  • Tom Dunson quickly shooting and killing a Mexican landowner, the second he pulls out his gun and before the Mexican even gets a chance to shoot.
  • Always thought it was awesome the way Cherry tried to take a stand against Dunson near the end of the film. Up until that point everyone including the audience assumed that because of Cherry's moral duplicity, he and Matt would be the ones to fight it out over something trivial. In the end Matt wins Cherry over and Cherry tries his best to protect him.
    Melville: You know that young man (Matt) isn't gonna use his gun, don't ya?
    Cherry: Yeah. But I haven't any such notions.
  • During the Indian attack, Tess is shot through the shoulder with an arrow. She barely grimaces before continuing to banter with Matt.
  • Real Life example: In the shot of Groot driving the chuck wagon across the river, Walter Brennan did the stunt himself.

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