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  • At one point Mr. Taylor manages to take away Rico's gun and scare him off his property, all while still in his boxers. It's true Mr. Taylor is pretty much a badass.
  • Whitey the janitor, he's attacked by Rico and nearly strangled (for believing he stole the dinosaur eggs) but manages to single-handedly knock Rico to the ground. Using nothing more than quick wits, and his broom.
    • When Vicki clubs Rico with a hunk of rock the first chance she gets to protect herself.
  • Rico is ultimately done in when the baby dinos are switched from the cage without his knowledge. Their substitute? Ruby the dog, thus rendering him a laughing stock in front of several dozen reporters.
    Rico: Behold! I give you prehistoric life! (curtain goes up, to reveal Ruby barking inside the dinosaurs cage)

Prehysteria 2

  • Brendon and Mss. Winters fighting with brooms.
  • When Hammer jumps down the slide, and nails Mss. Winters in the butt.

Prehysteria 3


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