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Prehysteria 2

  • Mr. Hiro's just taken down the two exterminators and starts chanting his name in victory, for no other reason than... just that.
    Mr. Hiro: Hiro! Hiro! Hiro! Hiro! Hiro!
    Miss Winters: Mr. Hiro, you are fired!
    Mr. Hiro: (pauses for a second, then continues) Hiro! Hiro! Hiro! Hiro!
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  • Brendon fighting off Mss. Winters, with a broom. Then locking her in a closet, also counts as a Moment of Awesome.
  • During dinner, Mss. Winters scolds Brendon with the usual, "get your elbows off the table young man!". Both Brendon and his father quickly remove their elbows from the table.
  • The Reveal that Mss. Winters... wears a wig.
  • While Mss. Winters is talking with the two exterminators she'd hired:
    Ketchum: (looking at her with binoculars, while she's standing two steps away) Well Sir/Ma'am, I think you've completely misjudged the enemy. Our intelligence informs us that you've been invaded, by ghosts.
    • Miss Winters' response to this. As frigid and bitchy as she is, it's hard not to sympathize with her "I'm so done" tone as she says this:
    Ms. Winters: I don't care if it's a rat or a ghost! Just FIND it!

Prehysteria 3


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