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  • Upon discovering the eggs, Ruby (the Taylor's dog) takes them, and her first instinct is to take care of them and hatch them.
  • When Jerry enters the basement to feed Ruby, he finds the recently hatched baby dinosaurs. Who all appear to greet him very happily, without any sign of fear.
    • Jerry quickly bonds with the baby T.Rex while feeding him dog food, who is quickly christened, Elvis.
    Jerry: (pets the baby Rex on the head) I know how it is Elvis, I'm a meat and potatoes man too.
    • Later, Jerry holding Elvis in his lap as he falls asleep. The boy smiles when he spots the Brachiosaurus (Paula) and the Chasmosaurus (Hammer) snuggle up together to take a nap themselves.
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    • Similarly, Monica's reaction to first meeting them, especially Madonna, who she's at first creeped out by, but quickly begins to bond with until they're as close as Jerry and Elvis are.
  • At the end of the film, when the kids are reunited with the baby dinos, thanks to Vicki and Whitey rescuing the babies right under Rico's nose.

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