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Awesome / 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure

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  • The Twilight Bark makes a triumphant return and helps save the puppies (again).
  • Thunderbolt's Big Damn Heroes moment when he tries to save the puppies.
    Thunderbolt: Hey, I may not be a real hero, but I can act like one. I'll distract them.
  • Lars, standing up to Cruella when he learns she wants him to skin the puppies "for art." It didn't work out exactly the way he wanted but, good effort Lars.
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  • Patch tying up Cruella and saving Rolly, in almost the exact same way Thunderbolt did to the villain in his film near the beginning of the movie. Tying her up with her makeshift wipe and catapulting himself and Rolly back onto the Double Decker bus.
  • Unlike the Karma Houdini Cruella, Horace and Jasper pulled in the first film (other than Cruella being put on probation and the boys spending a few nights in jail because of the wreck) they are all arrested by the police in the sequel. Best of all Nanny got to witness this, no doubt very satisfying after what Jasper and Horace pulled on her earlier.
    • However, Jasper and Horace are turned loose after they, finally having had enough of Cruella, confessed to Nanny, Roger and Anita that it was their boss who told them to get the puppies and is behind the dognapping. After they are both pardoned, they apparently go straight and obtain their own line of sundresses.


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