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(1961) Disney Adaptation
Even a domesticated dog can be a Papa Wolf or Mama Bear.
  • You do NOT want to get caught trying to hurt Pongo and Perdita's pups, trust us. Jasper and Horace learnt it the bad way...
    • The fight between Pongo and Perdita vs. Horace and Jasper is awesome by itself. Just as Jasper is about to swing a chair at Perdita, who’s busy attacking Horace, Pongo responds by charging at Jasper saving his mate’s life.
  • Roger having the guts to stand up to Cruella and decline her offer for the puppies.
    Cruella: When can the puppies leave their mother? Two weeks? Three weeks?
    Roger: Never.
    • Made better by the fact that he stutters through his speech, implying that he's possibly more nervous than what his expression would make you believe. However, it's also entirely possible that he's just barely managing to control his temper, given he spends the entire confrontation trying to maintain a very formal but clearly blunt refute.
    • Considering he didn't move an inch while Anita was hugging him long after Cruella had left, it's quite possible that he had passed out from terror. Who could blame him?
  • Also something that shouldn't be forgotten is how much of a boss Nanny is. When Cruella barges into Anita and Roger's house and calls the newborn puppies "mongrels" Nanny unapologetically refuses to be swayed and gets right in her face (Cruella's facial expression is all 'My gosh, I'm being scolded by a midget'). And when Jasper and Horace break into the house and lock her up, she still fights them. She's very loyal to Roger and Anita and characters underestimate her devotion to serving them.
    • Additionally, Nanny gets a scene to show off just how much of a Battle Butler she is. Yes, she is ultimately overpowered by Jasper and Horace and can't stop the two from abducting the puppies, but she certainly is not a Damsel in Distress.
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  • The Twilight Bark sequence, and not just because we get to see cameos of all our favorite dog characters from Lady and the Tramp. Within hours, word of the puppies' kidnapping spreads through all of London and clear out to Suffolk, where Tibbs remembers hearing barking at the supposedly abandoned Hell Hall, investigates, and finds the missing puppies.
  • Sergeant Tibbs. There's the fact that he was the one that connected the missing puppies to the barking at Hell Hall, and located the puppies so that word could be sent to Pongo and Perdita. Then he singlehandedly sneaks all 99 puppies out from under Horace and Jasper's noses, then keeps them alive long enough for the cavalry to arrive. Particularly noteworthy is that when Jasper is standing over the cornered pups, he spreads his front paws in front of them, shielding them despite being absolutely terrified. Fortunately, Pongo and Perdita burst in at the last second to stop the hoods.
    • As with Lady and the Tramp, Disney reminds us that our sweet, loving canine companions are absolutely capable of being terrifyingly vicious in defense of those they love.
    • Plus the Captain and the Colonel's final scene where the Colonel promises to hold Jasper and Horace off and the Captain giving the crooks a firm kick in the pants!
    • Tibbs is so awesome that a spin-off book has the puppies outright hero worshiping him and acting like they had just received a parental lecture when he calmly points out that he can't bark. For context, one of the background pups, Missy was being teased that she can't bark. And Missy herself gets an awesome moment where she barks for the first time in her life to save her family from Horace and Jasper.
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  • The collie that runs after the Pongos to get them out of the storm, which absolutely saved their lives. The dogs of the countryside had apparently set up a 24-hour watch, specifically for the purpose of helping the dalmatian caravan get home safely, and the Collie's appearance and reassuring voice was just an overwhelming rush of relief.
  • Later on the Labrador that helps them get on the truck and then runs back to stop Horace and Jasper, giving the dalmatians just enough time to escape.
  • The truck driver doing his best to fight back against Cruella in the climax. He doesn't realize there are a hundred and one dalmatians hitching a ride in the back of his truck, just that there's a crazy woman driver practically hanging off the back of it, and he's not going to put up with her shenanigans.
  • Said chase between Cruella and the truck reaching its climax when Horace and Jasper, intending to ram the truck and send it down the ditch, instead ram into Cruella's car when Horace panics and pulls out the steering wheel, causing both vehicles to disintegrate in mid-air! The truck and the dalmatians within are all safe and head for home, while Cruella and the Badduns are left to mope among the shattered remains of both vehicles.
    • What's better is as Cruella is berating them afterwards, Jasper, having had enough of her abuse, finally stands up for himself and his brother and dismissively tells her to shut up.

Live Action Movie

  • Roger and Anita putting their foot down when Cruella demands that they sell the puppies to her. They're able to do so in a calm manner after the woman literally screamed in their faces. What makes this better is the fact that Anita, who was originally an Extreme Doormat in the animated film, stands up to her friend and her boss.
  • Anita gets another special mention at the start of the film. When Roger mistakenly grabs Perdy instead of Pongo, Anita approaches him demanding that he release Perdy. When he doesn’t comply, she whacks him with her purse, which has bricks inside. Anita made it clear that if anybody were to try taking her dog, she will not hesitate to get Perdy back.
  • When Horace and Jasper show up to take the puppies, Nanny immediately reacts by trying to shut the door on them to no avail. When they advance inside, Nanny is able to punch Horace in the face and continues hitting them as they’re moving her to the closet.
  • All of the adult dogs working together to save one hundred frightened puppies and reunite them with their parents, with special mention going to the dog that goes back for Lucky and saves him from Mr. Skinner.
  • The police defying Police Are Useless when Anita notifies them about Cruella as a possible suspect. They conduct a raid on her house, which leads to them finding the illegal furs, arrest her and her henchmen later in the film, and find all the puppies.



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