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Tear Jerker / 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure

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  • When Thunderbolt reveals his lie, Patch is devastated. "But you said you'd help us…." Just how his voice breaks on that line; he'd trusted Thunderbolt, he'd thought he would know what to do.
    • That's nothing compared to the way Patch screams "But you promised!" at Thunderbolt a few moments later.
    • Patch looked up to and trusted Thunderbolt to get him and his siblings away from Cruella to safety. After learning that Thunderbolt's heroics are just an act, Patch breaks down in tears - betrayed, disappointed, and now afraid. Thunderbolt was their last hope at escaping, and now they'll all die. Not to mention the fact that Cruella was able to track down the puppies thanks to Patch, and one realizes that a lot of burden has been placed on Patch.
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  • Watching Lil' Lightning as Thunderbolt unknowingly mocks him, in fact, considering the way he'd been treated it's no wonder he did a Face–Heel Turn and became a False Friend. The poor guy'd never been treated like a real friend to begin with.


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