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  • "Just remember; I gave you what you wanted... and this bitch didn't flinch."
  • Meta-example: Dennis Franz won four Emmys for Lead Actor in a Drama Series, which was more than any other person in the category at the time. Even in the time since he accomplished that (1999), the only other person to match him has been Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad.
  • "Meat Me in the Park" was about a five year old girl going missing in the park. The girl’s father was part responsible for her going missing because he went to the park toilets to hook up with a guy. After the girl is found, Sipowitz tells the girl’s mother about his sexual escapades, and a moment later, the man enters the precinct and accuses Sipowitz of being a homophobe because he told the wife what happened. Irvin stands up for Sipowitz and chews his head off for being neglectful to his daughter. What makes this moment awesome is because he never really had anything to do other than answer phone calls.
    • The same episode, Michelle, Connie’s pregnant sister’s boyfriend Frank gets arrested for hitting Michelle. Towards the end of the episode, Frank is in the precinct’s holding cell, and Sipowitz decides to slap him around the cell, and tells him that when he’s eventually released, Sipowitz will drive him to the bus station so he can leave New York for good, and tells him that if he ever came back, Sipowitz would put him in a hospital.

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